4 Most important areas in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) – is not that easy. But, when you figure it out – every process is dependent on other and everything starts to make sense.

Here are some of the main areas you need to focus your attention on when starting a new blog or trying to boost existing one.

  1. Content.
  2. Backlinks.
  3. On-page SEO.
  4. Technical SEO.

If you prefer video, watch it below 🙂

Content is king (not fiverr content)

Of course, content is king. Good quality, engaging content – is a key for driving conversions and sales from your website. In fact, ability to create right content – is a great talent and it’s quite hard to hire this kind of person. You can take a look which salaries there are e.g. at Buffer for content creators.

You can think – well, I can just buy $5 posts on fiverr and spam the hell out of my blog. That DOESN’T WORK. In my own experience – I tried a lot of different stuff in SEO – low quality content doesn’t work anymore. It just DOESN’T RANK. Somehow, Google recognizes it – even if it’s more than 70% original – and doesn’t put it up in search results.

I did this experiment – I bought 2000-3000 words articles on fiverr – not the cheapest ones and put it on the blog (not this one ;). It was not that bad, but obviously put together from different existing articles and paraphrased (typical fiverr). And then I wrote my own article – only around 300 words, but did some real research and tried to put some interesting, engaging content, which solves some problem or answers some question.

Guess what? Even without backlinks – my original content was on first page… Only 300 words. Fiverr article – 2500 words – page 5 or 6.

My theory is that Google analyzes engagement rate and session time – and if it’s low, your page will go down in rankings.

So, it’s always important to put some work into your content – it will be WORTH IT.

Backlinks – a queen

Backlinks – for most people backlinks is kind of a “dark matter” in the world of SEO. A lot of blogger just put out articles and hope for the best 🙂 And actually, if the content is good – it can work (see above).

But, if you want to significantly boost your traffic – backlinks is an essential part of SEO. If content is king, backlinks – is a queen. And sometimes, depending on your niche and site structure, they swap. Quite often good quality backlink can play much more significant role, than content.

There hundreds of techniques how to build backlinks – we will focus on them later. But, for now, just keep in mind – backlinks are REALLY IMPORTANT.

On-page SEO: monitor and adjust

Maybe 10 years ago, on-page SEO was a key factor. Everyone was talking like – you should put n number of keywords in meta description, then in meta keywords (remember? it was a thing back then) and then just spam your text copy with keywords. But, now GOOGLE GOT SMARTER.

Right now, Google is so advanced, it understands not only synonyms, but also context. So. you don’t need to put same keywords 20 times in your copy – SEO services in UK – and then create a similar page with a bit different keyword – SEO companies in UK. Now. Google understands, that it’s about one thing and these are synonyms – you don’t need to spam with keywords anymore.

Of course, there are still some rules you need to look at when creating your SEO-optimized page. You can look at a classic chocolate-donut template.

For me, on-page SEO mostly works in terms of monitoring and adjusting. So, I put out content, build backlinks and then you can see in Search console, what is getting impressions and clicks.

After that, you can put those keywords from impressions in your copy and optimize your text for one or multiple focus keywords – it’s very easy to use Yoast plugin for that.

And in time, you will get more traffic and higher rankings for that page.

Technical SEO – make fixes and get more traffic

Easiest way to see all your technical issues is by creating a free account in Search Console. You can can see problems with html, structured data, rich snippets, AMP pages, 404 pages – and so on.

Just fix these issues and try to keep them at low. You may need a developer person for that. But, after you do – you will get more traffic.

If you want to get more traffic and a full overview of SEO tricks, templates, useful materials – get SEO package.

That’s it folks 🙂